Plamen Bobokov and arch. Tanko Serafimov (posthumously) have been awarded the title “Revered citizen of Ruse”


The co-owner of “Prista Oil” Plamen Bobokov and arch. Tanko Serafimov (posthumously) have become revered citizens of Ruse.  The decision was taken by the Municipal Council of Ruse in the town on the Danube.

The reasons of the Conference of Presidents were identical with the ones laid down in the nominations received by the municipal counselors. Arch. Tanko Serafimov /1943-2013/ was one of the most distinguished Bulgarian architects, a designer and Chief executive of the team Atelier Serafimov Architects, a lecturer in the University of Architecture, Civil engineering and Geodesy, appointed Head of the Bulgarian Institute of Architects for two consecutive terms, awarded numerous prizes in “Building of the Year” category, and a winner of Sofia City prize for Architecture. He had designed a large number of buildings across the country – trade centers, offices, residential buildings, hotels, sports facilities as well as the new multifunctional hall “BULSTRAD Arena” in Ruse. One of the last recognitions for arch. Tanko Serafimov was the nomination of “BULSTRAD Arena” in the “Sports infrastructure” category of the national competition “Building of the Year 2015”.

Mr. Plamen Bobokov was born in Ruse on 31.10.1968. He graduated from High school of Mathematics in Ruse and has a degree in law. Since 1992 he has been engaged in private business activity. In 1993 he and his brother Atanas Bobokov founded the company “Prista Oil”.

Plamen Bobokov is one of the most generous patrons of the arts and advocate for the Bulgarian traditions, culture and language. His donations were used for financing the building of the Christian center for helping the poor located in the Kardjali monastery "Dormition of the Holy Virgin" and the Monument of the holy brothers Sts. Cyril and Methodius, a donation to the Bulgarian community in Odessa, Ukraine. Another work of Bobokovi brothers foundation is the project for supporting spiritual and cultural values "The magnificient Northwest” started in 2002. The Bobokovi brothers expect and declare their intents to build through the foundation a numismatic museum in Ruse that will occupy the building of the old High School of Music located on Borissova Street. Plamen Bobokov is one of the most generous patrons, a member of the Management Board of the All the Saints Association and advocate for the idea of the reconstruction of the church “All the Saints” in Ruse.

Over recent years, Plamen Bobokov has put a lot of effort into his joint work with the Municipality of Ruse for the completion of the Sports Hall awaited by the citizens of Ruse for several decades. Today “BULSTRAD Arena” is one of the most modern and functionally oriented facility in Bulgaria for international, national and regional cultural and sporting events. The architecture of the Arena will introduce new standards concerning the organization of cultural and sporting events in Bulgaria making it possible for the hall to operate in accordance with the European standards and the latest market challenges. “BULSTRAD Arena” won the prize in the „Sports infrastructure” category of the national competition “Building of the Year 2015”. In the next few years it is expected that the area around the hall will be set up as a third city center thanks to the investment intentions of Plamen Bobokov to complete the construction works and the development of business and tourism in the town.

The Municipal council of Ruse awarded posthumously the title “Revered citizen of Ruse” to arch. Tanko Serafomiv for his major achievements in the field of architecture and for his contribution to the development of Ruse infrastructure. The title “Revered citizen of Ruse” was also awarded to Plamen Bobokov for his contribution to the economical and infrastructural development of Ruse and for being one the most generous donors in Ruse municipality.